It is the Home Buying Season in Oregon. If you are looking to buy a home there are a few really important things you will want to keep in mind when searching online and at open houses.  Here are a few tips to make your home buying experience a success. Did you know that the negotiation of your home purchase begins with your very first contact with an agent?  When calling on a home ad or yard sign or even visiing an open house, be aware that agent is working hard for the seller to get them the highest price and best terms...that is their job. so do not freely share how much you like the home, how much you are pre-approved for and how motivated you are to buy a home, these are all facts that, in my experience, harm your negotiating power if the seller's agent already knows before the offer.

It can seem overwhelming for even an experienced home buyer with the number of homes and new terms you will see when looking for your dream home; foreclosure, third-party, short sale, HUD home and more.  It is still a buyer's market and a really great time to buy a home.  Just proceed with care.  First be absolutely sure you are represented.  Choose a real estate expert dedicated to working hard for you. 

Learn more about the benefits of loyalty. Research by typing 'town real estate buyers agent'  then read their website and testimonials, look for what the agent is advertising in their site.  Are they saying 'call us to buy or sell'  or 'we specialize in helping buyers'.  It makes a big difference.  If your agent is a seller's agent they are experts at selling homes.  As a buyer you don't want or need a salesperson, you need an expert negotiator, someone who will help you see every home that fits your goals no matter who's sign is in the front yard. You want an agent who can get all the information you need to make the best choice and then help you save thousands and sometimes tens of thousands on the purchase, terms and repairs.

You would find the best specialty doctor and the best defense lawyer if you need one so make sure you have the best home buyer's agent to make sure your home buying experience is wildly successful for you.