Spring is the time to start thinking about color for both inside and outside your home! 

One of my favorite things to do in the morning right now is to take my cup of coffee out to the back yard, walk around listening to the birds busy morning activity and see the new blossoms and sprouting flowers progress. 

Adding Color Outside Your Home:  If you want to see more color by summer get busy right now and plant these perennial flowers and bulbs so they have time to get established before their summer blooming season!

Tiger Lily: orange lily (2-4 ft.)  Each plant has 2 to 20 blooms in late spring/early summer. Part sun/light shade.

Thyme: Perennial mat formers or shrubby species. Good for ground cover. Has small leaves. Small light-colored flowers bloom in summer. Grows best in sun or light shade. Common thyme is fragrant herb that can also be used as low edge plant.

Flowering sage (Salvia): Tropical flowering perennials, flowering sages come in all colors of the rainbow. Can be great for pots and hot spots.

Yarrow (Achillea): These hardy fragrant plants have finely divided fern-like leaves with flat topped clusters of white, pink, red or yellow flowers. There are low growing and taller varieties. Excellent for drying.

Blanket Flower a member of the sunflower family, with gray-green foliage and brilliant yellow flowers, banded with red, maroon or orange. Easy to sow from seed, they often self-sow. Blooms summer into fall.

Evening primrose lots of showy yellow or pink flowers, these plants produce fragrant white, evening-blooming flowers which die back after blooming. They need little care and they re-seed providing plenty of seedlings for the garden and food for the birds.

Flowering sage: Tropical flowering perennials, flowering sages come in all colors of the rainbow. Can be great for pots and hot spots. May not overwinter in our climate unless protected.

Bringing Color Inside Your Home: Whether you love the calm affect of nuetrals inspiring blues or vibrant reds you can bring color home by making sure you have plenty of jewel colored vases for your fresh cut flowers, or fill them with beach rocks and shells, and refresh your furniture with slipcovers and throw pillows.

I love to collect rocks, shells and little pieces of driftwood when I go to the beach with my family.  Find a big clear vase and pour a little sand in the bottom and fill it with your collectables.  Makes a great centerpiece for your dining table. To add Spring colors to your interior for just a few dollars...shop for discount fabrics and make pillows and slipcovers for dining chairs. if your not ready to take on the sewing machine...you can find wonderful pillows for your furniture or extra big pillows to stack by two on the floor.  Look for fabrics that either contrast or compliment your base colors but don't be afraid!  It's only color, and if it makes you feel good and smile when you see it, then it is perfect.

Happy Colorful Spring!